Shenandoah Castings Warranty

concrete_lawn_jocky_plain_2All of our items come with a one year warranty on sealed products.  If anything breaks in the first year we’ll replace it for free.  Does not apply if you’re using our products as a bullet barricade though, or other nonsense.  You’ll have to pay travel expenses, unless you come pick it up.



Seriously though, this stuff isn’t going to break!

We’ve personally kept a lot of the blemish items in our yard and NOTHING has broke in 13 years!

It’s made to last a more than a lifetime.

Update:  We had an item break!  Of course it was a deeply discounted custom cavalier lawn jockey for a friend.  A delivery driver back into it with a huge truck.  All that happened was the leg cracked.  It’s still standing perfect and intact because the rebar reinforcement!  Double click on the image, then zoom in,  and looks closely at the right ankle, that’s where the crack can be seen.